The aim of the EBBA Program is to prepare students into outstanding business professionals in the fields of international finance and global business management. A rich variety of activities and resources such as international exchanges, overseas study, domestic or overseas internships, cultural exchange activities, and multicultural and leadership competency courses are provided to foster appropriate learning attitudes, excellent business English communication competency, teamwork and problem solving abilities.

  We offer two main concentrations, International Finance and Global Business Management, to cultivate EBBA students’ understanding of professional financial and business concepts and develop their analytical skills. Students are encouraged to take EBBA concentrations as secondary concentrations to satisfy their academic needs or professional interests.


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Taught by a Team of Experienced Faculty

  The College of Management currently has 65 full-time faculty members across 6 disciplines, including technology Management, Organization Management, Marketing, International Business, Finance, and Accounting. CM has sufficient and qualified faculty and staff to accomplish its mission of providing an environment conducive to learning and research. YZU has a well-defined policy for the University’s expectations regarding faculty activities in teaching, research, and service. YZU and CM clearly document their requirements for teaching, research, and service activities to guide faculty in allocating their time and effort to these activities. CM encourages faculty members to conduct collaborative class work and interdisciplinary cooperation in research. Through these activities, CM provides innovative classes for students and enhance overall research in college.

EMI Learning Resources [Elite Program]

  The College of Management at Yuan Ze University has been recognized as a benchmark EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) college by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. Our government promotes English learning programs for college students to cultivate future talents with more global mobility. The College of Management is one of thirteen business colleges that are been recognized as a benchmark EMI college in Taiwan. We are committed to preparing students to be more competitive in the future, by providing them with the best English learning environment. EBBA students benefit not only from the international learning environment, but also have access to EMI resources to develop soft skills and improve their competitiveness.