International Bachelor Program in Informatics (IBPI)

  The International Bachelor Program in Informatics (IBPI) is founded in 2017. This program aims to cultivate highly competitive students who can take lead among information technology professionals, and equip students with English communication skills before they enter the global job market.

  Computer Science and Engineering has an advantage over many other disciplines, such as realizing innovative ideas and collaborating with other disciplines. This is known as Computer Science + X, where X can be mechanical engineering, electronics, art, finance, management, etc. English capability augments synchronizing Computer Science and other fields, which in turn equips student global competitiveness.

  Aside from establishing a solid core competence in computer science and engineering, students are required to take two English courses (Oral English Communication and Practical English Writing) to strengthen their communication skills. This program also reserves 25 elective credits for students to carry out exploratory studies, among which 13 credits can be obtained from the courses offered by other colleges. Students are also required to either take a yearlong practical training (job internship) in the industry or conduct a yearlong special project in the university. Students must obtain at least 12 credits from practical training, and it is possible to obtain up to 32 credits for practical training through foreign exchange study. This arrangement makes Computer Science + X possible, where students will not only excel in their profession, but also gain practical knowledge from other discipline areas.

  For more information about the program’s courses and graduation requirements, check out the latest curriculum on the programs compulsory and elective courses.

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