International Bachelor Program in Engineering (IBPE)

  The International Bachelor Program in Engineering (IBPE) is founded in 2017. We emphasize basic educations and integrate resources between disciplines by providing a diverse curriculum. These disciplines are Mechanical Engineering (ME), Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS), and Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM).

Cultivate students’ international competitiveness

  Since 2002, we have started plan for using English as medium of instruction, equipping students with foreign language skills to enhance their professional knowledge and global participation. By proving an international teaching environment, we aim to increase students’ international competitiveness. Our goals are:

Train students to become interdisciplinary professional engineers

  This program provides an engineering interdisciplinary learning platform between ME, CEMS and IEM which extends students' knowledge. By learning from multiple combinations of interdisciplinary programs, students will gain professional skills between the aforementioned fields.

Single major or double major program

  Based on students’ preference, they can graduate by completing one or two sets of degree requirements. During their first year, they will build their foundational knowledge in engineering by taking the general engineering courses. Starting from the second year, they can focus on either the single major program, or a double major program by selecting two majors from either ME, CEMS or IEM fields. Although taking the double major program can be challenging, they will gain broader professional knowledge which can boost their competitiveness.

  For more information about the program’s courses and graduation requirements, click here to download the latest curriculum.

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