International Bachelor Program in Electrical and Communication Engineering (IBP-ECE)

  With the trend of globalization and the government's New Southbound Policy, there is a strong demand for talents with the ability to listen, read, speak, and write English from international companies or multinational companies that have established a presence in Taiwan.

  The International Bachelor Program in Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECEB) was established in 2017. The program not only equips graduates with expertise in the field of electrical engineering, but also strengthens students' ability to speak English in technology and cultivates professionals with international mobility in the field of electrical engineering.

  The program’s core curriculum is delivered in English and emphasizes on integration and cross-disciplinary learning, laying the foundation for students to move towards internationalization. The features of the program are as follows:

Professional English Learning Environment

  Students in this program will learn in English from the basic, intermediate, and advanced courses, so that they can get used to the professional environment of communicating in English in international companies. In order to enable students to become more proficient in professional English, in addition to the common English courses required by the University, we also offer "Introduction to Technical English", "Technical English Conversation", "Technical English Presentation", and "Technical English Writing" as required courses, which are taught by foreign instructors.

"Field of Electrical Engineering" Technology Courses

  The courses of this program are planned with the "Field of Electrical Engineering" as the main specialization, paired with seven professional groups (Telecommunications Engineering, High Frequency Technology, Intelligent Information, Control, Electronics, Digital Technology, and Photonics) of the College to provide a comprehensive and complete course of study. Professional required courses, intermediate elective courses and advanced elective courses are specially designed to guide students to understand the professional technology of the "Field of Electrical Engineering". Students will not only be able to demonstrate the breadth of cross-disciplinary skills and knowledge particularly valued by the industry, but also able to clearly decide their career path after graduation.

Technology Management Skills Development

  To encourage students to learn more about the fundamentals of management and prepare them for a long-term career, a number of free elective credits for students to take cross-college courses in management, such as technology management, engineering management, financial management, information management, law, and humanities. By learning new courses in different fields, students will gain inspirations and skills to expand their potential and future opportunities.

International Mobility Development

  This program encourages students join overseas exchange program during their senior year to enhance their ability to study abroad and integrate into the international environment. Additionally, students are also encouraged to participate in overseas internships at Far Eastern Group and its partner companies to gain an early understanding of overseas working experiences in international companies. Credits earned from exchange and internship programs can be transferred to the credit in YZU. However, these programs are not mandatory and are subjected to the students’ decision.

  For more information about the program’s courses and graduation requirements, click here to download the latest curriculum.

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