Internship Program

  When employers review the resumes of potential employees, they would check if the employees have any relevant work experience. Aside from doing part-time jobs, how can a student gain work experience? The answer is through an internship program.

  An internship program provides students with the opportunity to work in an authentic working environment. Students learn to apply their knowledge and skills as if they were already working a full-time job, gaining valuable work experience that could be similar to their future job. Some of these internship programs may even pay students a salary for their hard work, and guide them so they can learn along the way.

  Another type of internship allows students to experiment in a lab at another university, which emphasizes mainly on research. Such opportunities can only be offered by a Principal Investigator (PI, the head of a research project) or Co-PI in YZU who collaborates with a laboratory from another university.

  Some of the internship programs are as follows:

Far Eastern Group Internship Programs (Talent A, Talent B)

  Yuan Ze University is part of the Far Eastern Group, which spans more than 10 major industries. Aside from getting training or instruction from senior managers, students might also be offered a chance to work there after graduation. This is a big plus, as it gives them the opportunity to advance their careers in one of the major companies in Taiwan! However, these programs require students to be proficient in Chinese. For more information about the internship program, click here (only in Chinese).

Global Internship Facilitation of Taiwan (GIFT)

  Funded and Guided by the Ministry of Education in 2018, GIFT is a website that allows students to search for internship jobs. This platform connects more than 200 enterprises, allowing students to work in places such as Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam, India etc. The registration for this website is free of charge. For more information about GIFT, click here.

  To learn more about the internship program, please contact Ms. Yoyo Hsiao at 03-4638800 #3286 or send an email to