International Academy

  Since 2017, various colleges in Yuan Ze University have established English bachelor programs (EBPs) to cultivate talents equipped with professional knowledge and foreign language skills. To expand and enhance the EBPs of each college, the International Academy (IA) was established in 2022 to integrate these programs. Our main goal is to form the foundation for creating global talents, turning YZU into a model university for professional bilingual education.

  IA recruits outstanding foreign lecturers and manages English professional courses. We are committed to implementing and further developing English professional courses. Think of it as a “mini YZU”. IA is the starting point for students to receive international education, which extends to graduate studies as well.

  We offer opportunities for further studies, foreign exchange programs, internships, and dual degrees programs. To achieve your dream of becoming a global professional or traveling overseas, studying at IA of YZU is your best choice.

Our Mission:

  In accordance with the 2030 Bilingual Policy, the International Academy’s mission is to cultivate and prepare students for a diversity of overseas education, exchange and internship opportunities. Our goals are:

  To improve the English teaching quality and provide an internationalized teaching experience, YZU will hire 10 foreign professors and multiple administrative staff with fluent English, Integrating and providing sufficient English courses for students. This will ensure students joining the program will have an English only learning environment during the entire duration of their studies.

  Improving English abilities of students from each English Bachelor Program by planning and organizing summer overseas intensive English programs. We will also collaborate with the International Language & Culture Center to plan effective English learning methods which focusing on their learning weakness, to significantly improve student’s TOIEC score through pre-test and post-test.

  In collaboration with the Enterprise Academy, the International Academy will provide more internship opportunities for foreign students, so that more outstanding foreign students will have the chance to develop their career in Taiwan.

  To provide students with more in-person and online classes delivered by top universities, the International Academy will collaborate with top universities and excellent universities in SE Asia and South Asia as approved by the Ministry of Education. Various resources will also be provided to students, helping them gaining professional knowledge and greatly increase global mobility. Aside from learning from or collaborating with other universities. Foreign students will also gain the opportunity to develop their career in Taiwan.