International Bachelor Program in Strategic Communication (IBSC)

  The International Bachelor Program in Strategic Communication (IBSC) in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Yuan Ze University teaches the strategies and skills to create and deliver the right message to any target audience. Characterized as a “Public Relations and Strategic Communication” English program, students will develop effective communications skills and techniques with a keen sense of language.

  The program integrates the strengths of the following five primary disciplines: Social & Policy Sciences, Chinese Linguistics & Literature, Applied Linguistics & Foreign Languages, Art & Design, and Business and Management. Students will learn effective and efficient communication skills, as well as persuasion and negotiation techniques in both written and spoken formats particularly in English. Courses are also available to allow students to enhance their cultural adaptability and artistic abilities.

  After completing the English program, graduates will be prepared to lead a focused approach to addressing organizational opportunities through effective communication across a variety of channels and techniques to reach their specific audience.

  For more information about the program’s courses and graduation requirements, click here to download the latest curriculum.

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