Dual Degree Program

  When it comes to an undergraduate degree, students typically spend four years earning their bachelor's degree. Sometimes they may imagine what life would be like if they studied at another university. However, this can be a reality.

  Thanks to dual degree programs or joint degrees, it is possible for students to earn two degrees from two universities in 4~ 6 years. A student with outstanding academic performance could even earn a bachelor's degree from YZU and a master's degree from a university offering such a program in four years! Aside from earning more academic credentials that better equip them to compete in job searches or academic careers, studying in a new environment is an eye-opening experience. By studying in a new environment, students can learn to become more adaptable and sometimes more curious, as they can venture into a different, foreign world in search of knowledge or career opportunities that can change their lives.

  However, not all dual degree programs are the same. Depending on the program, a student may earn two bachelor's degrees, or a bachelor's degree from YZU and a master's degree from another university. Another difference may be the duration. For example: a 3+1 dual degree program means that students must study at YZU for three years before they can study at another university for one year to earn their certificates after completing degree requirements from both universities.

  One more thing to keep in mind is that the prerequisite for a dual degree program might not be the same for others. Overall, most universities require English proficiency of at least 6.5 for the IELTS. Fortunately, students can brush up on their English by attending a summer intensive program before applying for a dual degree program.

  Overall, earning two degrees is definitely an added bonus for students, and the benefits outweigh the costs. Click here for more information about the dual degree program.