International Academy

Q1 How are the programs offered by the International Academy (IA) different from other programs in YZU?

The English programs from IA use English as the medium of instruction, so student will be learning their profession in English. We also provide Summer Intensive Program which can equip students with proper English skills so they can be well-prepared for the courses ahead.

Q2 Do I need to be fluent in English to join the program?

No. The international Academy welcomes students who wish to improve their English. Aside from the aforementioned Summer Intensive Program, each English program will have specialized English classes which helps them understand the style and grammar used in the field. We encourage students to spend their time improving their English, which can be beneficial to them in the long run.

Q3Must I join the Dual Degree Program and Summer Intensive Program in order to graduate?

No, these programs are not mandatory to graduate in the English Programs. However, these programs give students the opportunity to engage with foreign students in another country. The experience and knowledge they gain from these programs will outweighs the costs.

Q4How do I apply for the IA English program?

Local students can apply for the English program YZU's registrar section here.

For foreign students, please check the latest application period here.


Q5Does YZU accept credits from MOOC courses offered by Coursera/edX/Udacity?