Summer Intensive Program

Courtesy of University of Nottingham, Malaysia

 As a global language, English is the key that connects people all around the world. It also opens the door for people who are willing to learn professional skills and knowledge brought by people with different professions and backgrounds. The environment plays an important role in learning a language. That is why the International Academy offers the Summer Intensive Program for students who want to improve their English skills.

 In this program, students travel to another country (e.g., Malaysia) for approximately 90 days and take intensive English courses. These courses are offered by the local university to ensure that students will not only improve their reading and listening skills, but also practice their speaking and writing skills. By the end of the program, they will be fully prepared to study in a full English program and further improve their English for the TOEFL or IELTS exam. In addition, these lessons will be designed based on their English proficiency level, so that students will be arranged to study together with students with similar language levels.

Courtesy of University of Nottingham, Malaysia

 Having three main races, Malaysia is "truly Asian" in the sense that students can mingle with people from various backgrounds. Students will have to use English most of the time on campus, as well as in the workplace, supermarkets, streets, etc. It is worth noting that the food and drinks are varied and affordable, so expenditure will not be a main issue when the cost has already included the trip where they will be exploring historical sites, partaking in group activities and so on! As the program is offered by the university that also includes students from other universities, students may meet new foreign friends in that campus or classes.

 This program is available for students who finished their freshmen year and are ready to spend their summer improving their English before becoming sophomores. Before they join the program, they will be given pretests to determine their English level and the lessons’ content. Although this program is not compulsory for students from the English Bachelor Program, we highly encourage students to join, not only to improve their English skills, but also take the chance to live in another country for the experience.